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Fleas: How can your pets attract them?

This type of pest usually targets our pets. They can acquire it when they go outside and play. And because fleas are relatively small, they can hide on the grass and attached to their host once nearby.

But how serious are they?

Transmission of bacteria and viruses can be done when they draw blood from their host. This will give them enough nutrients to reproduce and stay for a while.


What is the best way to get rid of fleas?

It is essential to check the body of your pets. Especially their neck area and spaces between their feet.

If you see bite marks, redness, or fleas itself, schedule a visit to your vet so that you’ll know how many are present or living on your pets.

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Prepare your house for cleaning

When you identify the source of the infestation, it is good to move things and use a vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt or larvae located in hard-to-reach areas. This can be a good remedy especially when the infestation is not that serious.

Washing of pet beddings is a good practice too as these may latch on to that type of material. Carpets can also be a place where they may stay until you use a vacuum on it.

If you think the infestation is much worse than what you thought you think, you can always discard your furniture especially when it is too old or you can contact us for effective pest treatments!

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